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What if Vampires were real?

In the style of another online magazine, Cracked, I invite you to consider the implications of vampires if they actually existed! Wait!  You may say.  What kind of vampire are we talking about here?  A valid point!  For purposes of this discussion we shall use the most classic image of the vampire from our popular…

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Stories about the undead grow in number every day.  Most remain forgettable.  Nantier Beall Minoustchine Publishing’s four part Raptors graphic novel turns out to be anything but. A few words about the artwork.  Something about it feels European, and indeed such proves to be the case.  What I read was an English translation, but the…

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Things to Remember When Telling Vampire Stories

2011 nears its end, with 2012 to follow. Many the movie, novel, web comic and television series about the undead await us in the future–and if they deal with vampires let us offer a few gentle reminders. Past tellers have sometimes done marvelous examples of how to deal with the undead, examples that too often…

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Dracula, Lord of the Damned

For some years now I’ve been aware of a startlingly original version of “Dracula” in production in Vancouver. The snippets that I saw, posted on YouTube, made my jaw go slack. One example that comes to mind was the image of Jonathan Harker arriving at Castle Dracula by ferryboat as if crossing the river Styx….

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7 Most Overrated Vampire Films

Lots of “Ten Best” lists for vampire films wait for the would-be reviewer or simple researcher on the web. Almost as common are “Ten Worst” lists. Plenty of debate then follows, about which title deserves its placing and so on. But this list goes after something different. Not best or worst anything. Rather, which vampire…

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Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror

One of the most renowned vampire films ever made is that of Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror, directed by F. W. Murnau released in 1922. The film is between 81-94 minutes long, depending on the version you get, and is a silent, black and white film with titles and symphonic accompaniment. The film is appropriately…

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Vampires – An Avatar of Sin

When vampires first drifted, shadow-like, into popular literature in the early 1800s, this denizen of ancient folklore became an incarnation of the Nightmare Stranger–the alien ‘other’ who presented a threat to civilization itself. It was death reaching out to infect the living. The foreigner who defiled virtuous women. A pagan invader thriving where the light…

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Vampire Studies

Vampire Studies: Bold New Future? This is an update to the August 3, 2010 post, ‘University Offers Course in Vampiric Literature‘. If you believe education is the future, you’re going to love this. As previously mentioned, the University of Hertfordshire in the UK has decided to offer courses in Vampiric Studies. But now, the course…

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Cliche it may be, but who can doubt the internet created a whole new venue for amateur writers to put their work out there? In other words, the world-wide web proved a godsend for fan fiction. Or maybe from the other end of metaphysical spectrum, depending upon one’s view of the topic! Contrary to popular…

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Sunlight and Vampires

Burned into the collective memory of our age, it is an image of great power. The vampire looms menacingly, but then the hero reaches up and pulls away the curtains. SUNLIGHT! Like laser beams, the purifying rays of the sun sear the undead creature’s flesh. The foul thing dissolves into the dust it should already…

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Why Fangs?

It remains one of the iconic images of the vampire. Lengthened, piercing teeth, usually (but not always) the bicuspids or eye teeth. Sometimes they stretch to the point of becoming tusks or the saber-teeth of the extinct Smilodon. Other times just a subtle increase in length and reshaping creates the effect. Especially since the Hammer…

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The Real Top 10 Vampire Movies

While scanning the latest vampire blogs and news I came across a list of the top vampire movies, and well, it was horrible (Van Helsing should never be on a top 10 vampire movie list). So I got my google search on and looked up other vampire movie lists, and of course, those were all…

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