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Share Your Thoughts on The Vampire Diaries ‘O Come, All Ye Faithful’

Episode 4.09 of The Vampire Diaries, “O Come, All Ye Faithful,” has aired and like past episodes, it was packed full of revelations, underage drinking and drama. Just how we like it (minus the overabundance of drinking). Check out my thoughts on the episode below and please share your own. Official synopsis for “O Come,…

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Klaus and Caroline Get Their Flirt On in Latest Vampire Diaries Clip

The CW has released a little preview clip for The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 9 “O Come, All Ye Faithful” and it reveals a lovely little Klaus and Caroline moment – oh, how I love Klaroline! Here’s hoping this flirting of theirs turns into more, I can’t stand Tyler. But sadly, Klaus will again…

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Extended Promo & Photos for The Vampire Diaries ‘O Come, All Ye Faithful’

Another episode of The Vampire Diaries is on the way and I’ve got the official synopsis, the extended promo and a few sneak peek photos for you! Episode 4.09, “O Come, All Ye Faithful,” will be full of Hayley drama (hate her!), Klaus drama, Professor Shane drama, and of course, love triangle drama. Lots to…

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