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Priest 2011: Review

I love Paul Bettany; ever since I saw him play the role of Chaucer in A Knight’s Tale, I have been totally in love with the guy. So, you can imagine how disappointed I was when they crammed all this personality into the role of the ‘priest’. The movie could have been great, but unfortunately,…

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Vampire Film ‘Priest’ is Finally Being Released!

So you might remember about a year ago, a lot of hype about the vampire movie ‘Priest’, which was due to come out in August 2010, –and that was actually its postponed release date, supposedly it was due to come out in spring of that year. So now, a year later, Priest is finally due…

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Priest: Another Contender for Vampire Movie of the Summer

Yes, yes, I know. Eclipse is coming out this summer and really that’s the only vampire movie we should be on the lookout for, right? Well, I too am very excited about Eclipse but after reading about another vamp film that’s coming out, I think even the Cullens may have come up against something that’s…

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