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Malaysian Vampires

To most folks Malaysia is know for it’s beautiful beaches and it’s delicious food, but here on it is known for its unique and twisted vampire myths and legends. Bajang This is a male demon vampire that appears in the form of a pole cat and enjoys threatening children. The bajang can be enslaved…

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The Bottled Bloodsucker’s Pet

A few months ago I wrote a post about the Malaysian vampire known as the polong. The polong is the magical bottle imp that was created to do wicked things to others. In my post I mentioned that the polong had itself its very own pet called a pelesit. It’s the pelesit that brings us…

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Bottled Bloodsucker

This bloodsucker post is a little different from some of the others. We’re going back into the world of history and folklore, a land of devious and wicked dark magics. Today’s creature is that of the Malaysian polong, the polong is a vampiric bottle imp or an evil spirit used to do horrible things to…

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