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5 of the Creepiest and Most Horrifying Vampires from Folklore

Most vampires nowadays are beautiful, love-struck immortals who live in lavish homes and act like gentlemen. But that wasn’t always the case. If you look back at folktales through the ages from all over the world you will discover the most hideous and disturbing of creatures. No romance, no vegetarians, just pure bloodlust and savagery….

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Malaysian Vampires

To most folks Malaysia is know for it’s beautiful beaches and it’s delicious food, but here on it is known for its unique and twisted vampire myths and legends. Bajang This is a male demon vampire that appears in the form of a pole cat and enjoys threatening children. The bajang can be enslaved…

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The Flying Head

Time again for another vampire myth. This particular vampire species differing greatly from the classic western image of a alluring caped being of the night. No, i’m afraid the Penanggalan is nothing like that at all. The Penanggalan is a dreadful vampire from Malaysia (different from the other Malaysian vampire I covered before). This is…

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