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The Aswang Phenomenon

I absolutely love vampire history and folklore, so when I heard of the upcoming film titled The Aswang Phenomenon I let out a little squeal of joy. The Filipino aswang is one of my many favorite vampire species because it has such a rich history. There are so many different versions of the aswang myth…

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Mini Vampire Myths

There are countless vampire myths and legends around the world and among them are a large number of different vampire species. The only problem is that some of these tales have faded over time and as a result we are left with only a crumb of information on each. So with that in mind today’s…

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The Aswang

The Aswang are another one of those vampire species that are way different than your traditional opera cape kind. This particular vampire is from the Philippines and is believed to be a sexy normal woman by day and an evil flying monster of terror at night. During the day the Aswang appears to be a…

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Vampire Abilities and Flaws

The abilities of a vampire are numerous, and naturally depends on what vampire is in what area, for one to know what kind of things they might be capable of. For example; many species of vampire are not know to be able to fly, however, the bruxsa in Portugal, the lansuir in Malaysia, and aswang…

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