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Does Blood Make A Vampire?

What does a vampire feed on? Blood. Simple answer right? Well, not so much. Does a being really need to drink blood before they are considered a vampire? Or is it the act of taking anything part of a victim’s body that makes one a vampire? Take psychic vampires for example, they do not feed…

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Men Beware!

I love me some vampire lore, especially when it’s about a female species of vampire. You (awesome) regular readers know all about my vampire lore posts, for you new readers; there are many different types of vampires out there, every culture, every country has its own vampire myth. Today’s myth is about The Churels of…

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One Disgusting Vampire

I have covered so many different vampire species of lore from all around the world, and today I’ll write about yet another flavor of vampire. Today’s vampire myth takes us to Brazil, the land of vast gorgeous rainforests and long stretching beaches. The vampire species is that of the feared Pishtaco (in my head I…

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