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CSI: Vampire Hunters

On top of being addicted to an assortment of vampire TV shows, I am also a huge CSI junkie. Crime solving FTW! So when CSI: Crime Scene Investigation did an episode on vampires and werewolves, I was pretty excited (there may have been some girly squealing involved). In the episode Blood Moon the CSIs investigate…

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Tuberculosis Responsible for Vampirism?

Hundreds of years ago, before there were scientific explanations for every day occurrences (like diseases) people would explain them with superstitions and magic. If you sneezed, it was because you were possessed, if you were too hairy it was because you were a werewolf, if your young children were naughty it was because of the…

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Dr. David Dolphin’s Vampire Theory

Ever wonder how vampire legends were born, or why vampire hysteria in the Middle Ages reached the level it did? Well you aren’t alone; those questions also crossed the mind of Dr. David Dolphin, who was a chemistry professor at the University of British Columbia. In 1985 Dr. Dolphin presented a theory that the victims…

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Vampire Diseases

Porphyria – Porphyria is actually a set of rare diseases; and the rarest forms of the disease cause sensitivity to light, facial deformity, and increased growth of hair on the face. There are also prominent mental symptoms, such as hallucinations, anxiety, mania, and others. It would not be hard for one suffering from the disease…

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Is it Purely Physical?

It’s a well-known fact that there are many people walking the Earth today that claim to be real, actual vampires. While some take this very seriously and others scoff at the idea, there are some physical conditions that mimic the traits that are commonly associated with vampires. Things like not being able to stay out…

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