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India is a fascinatingly diverse country, with thousands of different languages. Each place in India has its own culture, food, religion. And each place seems to have its own vampire myths. In the Godavari region they tell stories of a vampire called the chedipe. The word literally means “prostitute.” But the chedipe vampire is described…

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Azeman; South American Vampire

The azeman vampire is a magical creature of Surinam, a country in South America just north of Brazil. The azeman is a vampire that can magically transform itself into the form of a bat, and some myths claims that the creature can shapeshift into many forms, including that of a wolf. The azeman is a…

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Safety from Vampires!

It’s so reassuring to me that in legends, vampires cannot enter your home unless you invite them! That makes them almost safer than humans! Humans who bear you ill will can smash in through a window, charge through your wall with a chainsaw, and such. Vampires can’t touch you if you’re safe and cozy inside….

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