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The Drink

The story you are about to read is NSFW.  This is the first in a handful of upcoming short-stories from one of our authors.  Let us know if you’d like to see more like this. This is not a story about love, or romance, and it’s not exactly a horror story. This is just the…

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Top 10 Big Screen Vampires List

Top 10 Big Screen Vampires Mania As we grow closer to the most exciting season of the the year (Halloween), my proximity to the best of months weakens the resolve to save the best films for their proper time.the night desk’s insight:Here are some favo…


Watch the Real Vampires of New Orleans

We have delved into the world of real vampires many a time here on We have discussed psychic vampires and the various types of energy they feed upon; we have also covered sanguinarian vampires, those who feed on the blood of willing donors in order to maintain health. But reading about the real vampires…

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The Black Veil: A Vampire’s Code of Conduct

While researching real vampires – sanguinarian vampires, people who feed upon human blood; and psychic vampires, people who feed upon the energy of others – I came across a code of ethics, a guide of etiquette created for the greater vampire community for those that wish to follow it. Originally written in 1997 by Father…

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Vampire Organizations and Associations

There are two distinct types of non-religious vampire organizations and/or associations: those designed by and for vampire role-playing gamers or fanatics, and those intended for real-life vampires. Most organizations for RPGers are simply personal websites or forums designed to create a ‘safe’ environment for their roles to be played out. In many cases memberships are…

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Psi vs. Sang

Psi vs. Sang Psychic vampires and Sanguinarians are known by many to have a strained relationship. Many, not all, but many Sanguinarians feel that they are much more, prestigious if you will, because they are born into their vampirism rather than “awakened” into it like a psi. Sang vampires are also known for having generations…

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Psychic Vampires

A psychic vampire is not actually a vampire who happens to be psychic, since most vampires are reputed to have the powers of seers, or psychics in any case. A psychic vampire has many different synonymous names, such as an energy vampire, psy/psi-vamp, psionic vampire, energy parasite, pranic vampire, empathic vampire, or energy predator. What…

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