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William of Newburgh’s Chronicles on Vampires in the Middle Ages

During the 1100s, a man named William of Newburgh (or Newbury; also known as William Parvus) composed one of the most cherished accounts of England’s history. Written in five chronicles or books, Historia rerum Anglicarum or History of English Affairs documents the history of 11th and 12th century England and is highly valued by historians…

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Greece and Vampires

The beautiful country of Greece is one of the great vampire countries, the home of many undead. Greece has an abundance of vampire lore and myths, all of which have been well documented throughout time. Greek undead date all the way to the ancient world, with such wicked creatures as the lamia, empusa, ephialtae and…

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Vampire or Revenant?

If you’re a fan of vampire literature then you may have read the word “revenant” in one, or a few, vampire books. But how accurate is that? Are a vampire and a revenant the same exact thing? Hmmm… Revenant is really a broad term that’s used to differentiate a reanimated or wandering corpse from a…

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