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Review: Melabeth the Vampire

Reviewing first novels can end up an uncomfortable exercise. The promise of something truly good awaits–consider that both Interview With a Vampire and Twilight were first novels by their respective authors. So too have been a more than a few that vanished without a trace. And good riddance! Melabeth the Vampire happily manages to avoid…

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Early Review: Dark Shadows 2012

Warning: minor spoilers below.  I had the great good fortune of attending the premiere of Tim Burton’s new film based on the cult t.v. show.  Being a fan of the original t.v. show, I may have enjoyed the new film version of Dark Shadows a little bit more than others.  Just a tiny bit.  When…

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Gamer Review: ‘Vampire Saga: Welcome to Hell Lock’

I recently wrote about the new PC game Vampire Saga: Welcome to Hell Lock, the second in the Vampire Saga series, and of course, after playing the first I had to play this one – which is exactly what I did. “Welcome to Hill Lock, a place no one in their right mind would want…

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Review for ‘That Which Bites’ & Exclusive Interview with Author Celis T. Rono

Horror-Fantasy genres, and the vampire/human romance literature craze can welcome a refreshingly new addition: That Which Bites, by Celis T. Rono. Our heroine is Julia Poe, surviving in a post-apocalyptic world where her fellow humans are few and far between, but there are vampires aplenty. Before you start assuming the worst; this is no amalgam…

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