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Review: Kiss of the Butterfly

“I sense it even now. People thirst for it; the entire country is mad with desire for it…” A dying man’s cryptic letter catapults California college student Steven Roberts on a mystery-shrouded quest into the labyrinth of the war-torn Balkans. Singled out for the task by an enigmatic professor, Steven overcomes his doubts and plunges…

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The Vampires of Russia

Russia is absolutely full of folklore and history of all kinds, but most importantly, it  has myths about our beloved bloodsuckers. Russian vampires share many similarities with other vampire species in Europe, particularly the countries nearby, but here’s a look at two vampire species found in Russia. Eretica: This horrifying vamp was often associated with…

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Reports out of Russia: Vampires are REAL

News stations all across Russia have been abuzz with reports of what appear to be vampire sightings. Not just one or two sightings but as many as two hundred reports have been made by Russian citizens claiming to have either been attacked by or to have witnessed the attack on others by what can only…

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Leech Lover Facts: Part 2

It’s time again for more delicious little bits of vampire information. Another handful of totally random vampire info, covering ancient lore to new and modern facts. If you missed it, check out part one here. Nosferatu: This word doesn’t mean “not dead” like many believe; it actually means “plague-carrier.” Blackthorn: Traditionally a powerful protection against…

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The Russian Eretica

The eretica is a menacing Russian species of vampire.  This particular vampire stems from the belief that heretics were punished by becoming members of the undead after death. The most likely heretic to turn into a vampire was one that used magic. Sorcerers and witches were said to turn into a vampire once they died….

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