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Vampires Hidden Among Coleridge’s ‘Christabel?’

Published in 1813 is a lovely, yet haunting, poem titled Christabel. Written by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Christabel tells the tale of one young maiden attacked by another maiden, and it’s told in a lavish Gothic style. While vampires are never directly mentioned in the poem, it is believed by some that vampirism is indeed the…

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Vampire Tarot

Tarot cards have been a part of the occult almost since they were created. Originally, the Tarot were playing cards used for games in France and Italy, but even playing cards have been used for divinatory purposes almost since their creation. As the centuries have passed, and anything to do with magic and divination was…

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Classic Vampire Poetry

Vampires in fiction is nothing new, we all know that. There are hundreds of vampire novels out there, but what about poetry? We have covered the first vampire poem, Der Vampir, but what about the other notable poetry contributions out there? There have been some remarkable poems written about vampires, many that came out long…

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