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Goretorium Treats the Vampire King Like a Peasant!

UPDATE 10/7/12 If you wondered what happened the next day, click here. Apparently, the mistreatment of Don was only half of the outrage, and more was yet to come. Not only did they treat him like dirt, but they basically mistreated all their fans and the local Vegas residents as well. Also, to clarify, Don…

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Watch the Real Vampires of New Orleans

We have delved into the world of real vampires many a time here on We have discussed psychic vampires and the various types of energy they feed upon; we have also covered sanguinarian vampires, those who feed on the blood of willing donors in order to maintain health. But reading about the real vampires…

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Upcoming Film Explores the World of Real Sanguinarian Vampires

Over the past few years vampires have been dominating the box office, we have seen everything from vampire romances to vampire horror. But one thing we haven’t seen during this vampire craze are films on real vampires and the vampire subculture. That’s all about to change with the upcoming Sanguinarian film Bloodloss. It has been…

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The Black Veil: A Vampire’s Code of Conduct

While researching real vampires – sanguinarian vampires, people who feed upon human blood; and psychic vampires, people who feed upon the energy of others – I came across a code of ethics, a guide of etiquette created for the greater vampire community for those that wish to follow it. Originally written in 1997 by Father…

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The Court of Lazarus: New York’s Metropolitan Vampire Society

I am not aware of how many vampire courts exist today, as many vampire houses and courts remain secretive and are hard to find. There is a well-known vampire court, which exists in New York, however, called The Court of Lazarus. Originally called The Society of Lazarus, members voted to officially organize as a court…

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Vampire Organizations and Associations

There are two distinct types of non-religious vampire organizations and/or associations: those designed by and for vampire role-playing gamers or fanatics, and those intended for real-life vampires. Most organizations for RPGers are simply personal websites or forums designed to create a ‘safe’ environment for their roles to be played out. In many cases memberships are…

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The Truth About Real Vampires Today

Fanged creatures secretly prowl among us, lurking in obsidian shadows, quietly watching us from behind dark sunglasses, their narrowed gazes fixed upon luscious prey. The vampire’s excruciatingly sharp needle-like fangs flash under the moonlight as he grabs his victim, one hand over her mouth, the other tightly wound around her waist. He strikes deep and…

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Exclusive Interview with Drew Cross Author of ‘BiteMarks’

Author Drew Cross may be new to the writing scene, but if the plot to his debut novel BiteMarks says anything it’s that he’ll be here a while. Instead of going the cliché route by writing about magical vampires with superpowers, he delved into the world of real vampires, vampires that hide among you and…

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Spreading the Bloodlust

The majority of vampire myths feature a fiendish undead creature that drains every drop of its victim’s blood, but not all vampires are that monstrous, some are a smidge kinder. For example, the Albanian lugat chooses to take only a small amount of blood from their prey, leaving them weakened but alive. While not ideal…

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CSI: NY Joins the Vampire Craze

As we all know vampires are huge everywhere – we see them in books, movies, television and more. They are so big in fact that they seem to have caught the eye of the CSI: NY writers, who wrote an episode about the sanguinarian vampire lifestyle which will air February 3 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT). “The…

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Vampire Fang Implants

Today’s post is about fang implants, not those plastic fangs you pop into your mouth during Halloween, but actual permanent fangs put in by a dentist. Most people that dish out the cash for this incredibly expensive procedure don’t do it to be cool (most, not all). It’s usually a real vampire, like a Sanguinarian…

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Psi vs. Sang

Psi vs. Sang Psychic vampires and Sanguinarians are known by many to have a strained relationship. Many, not all, but many Sanguinarians feel that they are much more, prestigious if you will, because they are born into their vampirism rather than “awakened” into it like a psi. Sang vampires are also known for having generations…

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