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Are Sanguinarians Really Victims of Renfield’s Syndrome?

In order to learn as much as I can about our vast vampire-filled world, I have been reading various writings by Sanguinarians about who they are. They see themselves as mortal humans with the need to drink blood in order to maintain their physical health. Sanguinarians truly believe that they must consume human blood in…

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Spreading the Bloodlust

The majority of vampire myths feature a fiendish undead creature that drains every drop of its victim’s blood, but not all vampires are that monstrous, some are a smidge kinder. For example, the Albanian lugat chooses to take only a small amount of blood from their prey, leaving them weakened but alive. While not ideal…

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Real Kansas City Vampires

When you think of real vampires being discovered you think it would be in New Orleans or maybe New York but not Kansas of all places. But Kansas is the setting of this story, published in the papers on January 27, 1890 the article reports a real case of vampirism. The article says that in…

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