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Elizabeth Bathory the Blood Countess

Of all the candidates for “real life vampire” surely the front-runner must be Elizabeth Bathory. Among the highest nobility in 17th century Hungary, her name comes down to us amid horrified whispers–torture, mass murder, bathing in human blood, Satanism. How much if anything actually happened remains a matter for historians. Fans of vampires know her…

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Interview with an Ex Vampire: Part 2

Okay, we’re back with more of the so-called ‘interview’ with Bill Schnoebel/en, –which I don’t get by the way. Several sources give the name ‘Schnoebel’ while the other 50% of sources call him ‘Schnoebelen’. Either way, his name is synonymous with ‘bullshit’. And speaking of big steaming piles of crap, the beginning of the fifth…

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Bill Schnoebel’s Interview with an Ex Vampire

How does one become an ex-vampire exactly? That and more will be revealed in the film that had plans to shake the nation: Interview with an Ex Vampire. The ex-vampire in question here is Bill Schnoebelen, –and when you type his name into Google, it tries to finish it for you by adding the word…

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