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Moth Sluts from the 5th Dimension!

Vampires come in all shapes and sizes, yes? We know this. From the rat-like mummy Graf Orlock to the drop dead gorgeous creatures of Twilight. More, we know some are aliens. The vampires of Doctor Who for example, as well as the shape-shifting super-psychics of Lifeforce and of course the green alien title character from…

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Lets Remake “Queen of Blood”

For the record, anyone who wants to use ideas in this article may do so without further permission from nor compensation to the author. Re-watching Prometheus the other night, my mind went back to another example of science fiction/horror, this one from 1966.  Queen of Blood certainly comes across as the most schlocky kind of…

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Science Fiction Undead

Go to virtually any bookstore and a seemingly odd decision awaits your eyes. Amid Biography, Western, Romance, Self Help and loads of other genres, two invariably get lumped together–Science Fiction and Fantasy. Yet as fans of either (or both) can tell you, many are the differences between the two. Why then group them together? An…

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