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Vampire Serial Killer Martin Dumollard

Newspapers and history books alike are full of stories about sadistic and psychotic serial killers, but they’re not alone, for vampire books have these stories as well. We have already written about some of these disturbing individuals here, but I have yet another to add to the shocking list – Martin Dummolard. Martin Dummolard was…

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Make Believe

Shoulda Woulda Coulda… Make believe is fun. In fact without it this delightful thing we call fiction simply would not exist. So let us now make-believe–as in “let us create a belief”–some beloved or well-known characters to be undead. Why not? For one, Sherlock Holmes. Leaving aside that the physical description of him is perilously…

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George A. Romero’s Martin

Meet Martin Mathias. Martin is a typical teenage boy. He’s shy, particularly around girls, he gets lonely and he doesn’t talk much. Well, maybe Martin isn’t so typical, especially since according to both he and his elderly cousin Tada Cuda, Martin is actually an 83 year old vampire. Sure Martin doesn’t have any fangs, can…

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