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Lets Remake “Dark Shadows”

Tim Burton’s film of the 1960s gothic soap opera was not the second, the third or even the seventh such adaptation. In fact, it counts as the tenth! Apart from the original t.v. series, no less than three comic book versions have been produced (one, from Dynamite, even matching up Barnabas Collins with Vampirella!), an…

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Counting down to Dark Shadows

A few weeks ago, a common complaint heard and read among fans of Dark Shadows and Tim Burton was “Where’s the trailer?”  No longer.  The trailer has debuted, amidst controversy (i.e. free publicity) along with a series of t.v. spots as well as a media blitz of interviews, articles, photos and a startling number of…

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Dark Shadows – Ahead of its Time?

Fans of haemovores everywhere probably already know that Johnny Depp has plans to reunite with Tim Burton in a motion picture adaptation of the cult t.v. series “Dark Shadows.” The whole idea of Depp as a vampire no doubt has sent many a heart aflutter. Quite understandably! It is one of those ideas that seems…

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