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A Bloodthirsty Spiderman, Dracula and More in Blade Issue #1

I’m on yet another comic book kick and my most recent and most favorite of reads is Issue #1 of the 2006 Blade series. In this issue we have the ass-kicking half-vampire Blade, we have Dracula and, yes, even a vampiric Spiderman – and that’s all within the first few pages! Oh Marvel, how I…

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Who Should Play Vampirella?

J. Forrest Ackermann, or “Uncle Forry,” had many claims to fame within the annals of horror. Apart from his magazine, the tours of his memento-brimmed home up until his death, his ownership of both the Dracula and Mummy rings, he also created an iconic character who wanders in the imaginations of countless fans. She of…

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