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‘Intercourse With A Vampire’ Tackles ‘Twilight’

I love me a well-done vampire spoof and man did this one nail it. Jacob Fleisher’s comedy is about the lusty, not-so-sexy Vampire Larry who lives with his high school sweetheart. As you can see in the first episode (video below), it takes the first Twilight novel/movie and shakes it up a bit by saying…

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Transylmania Interview

Hey readers, remember back when I did the post on Transylmania, the spoof movie that pokes fun at the current vampire craze (and is now in theaters)? No… ok, well here it is. Read it and come back. Anyway, one of the actors in the flick, Patrick Cavanaugh, recently did an interview with discussing…

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New Vampire Movie Mocks Twilight

The list of recent spoof movies is endless, you have all the Scary Movies (with another on the way), Date Movie, Epic Movie, Meet the Spartans, Disaster Movie and on and on and on. So if you take our love for parody movies and our love for vampires you get: Transylmania, a vampire movie spoofing…

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