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Your Thoughts on The Vampire Diaries ‘Stand by Me’

Another heart wrenching episode of The Vampire Diaries has come to pass. Episode 4.15 “Stand by Me” picks up where all of the doom and gloom left off in the previous episode. So many horrible things happened in that episode and “Stand by Me” managed to be even more depressing. Check out my thoughts on the…

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Extended Promo for The Vampire Diaries ‘Stand by Me’ (Spoilers!)

Warning! There are spoilers in this post! Ok, now that I’ve got the necessary warning out of the way we can get to the goodies. Last week’s episode, “Down the Rabbit Hole,” ended on one hell of a depressing note. Silas is awake, Jeremy is dead, Bonnie is dead, Katherine screwed up EVERYTHING by running…

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