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A Guide To Recognizing The ‘Vampire Academy’ Vampire Standing In Front Of You

Gird your loins, thirsty young academics: with “Vampire Academy” out Friday (February 7) in theaters everywhere, you’re about to walk into the hallowed halls of St.the night desk’s insight:Now the world knows about the Moroi, the Dhampir, and the Strig…


Strigoi movie

Vampire movies often take the form of fantasy fulfillment. The ultimate lover. The ultimate horror. The ultimate minority group. Somewhat rarer, more difficult to find are those movies that seek to explore what being an undead creature enslaved by a hunger for blood might actually be like. “Strigoi,” the 2009 movie from writer/director Faye Jackson…

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Ten Things You Don’t Know About Dracula

1. He never once hints that he himself is Vlad the Impaler (although there is the suggestion that maybe he is related to that figure). For that matter, the most current scholarship into the novel indicates Stoker himself hardly knew anything more about the historical Vlad Tepes (pronounced tseh-PESH) than the name. It sounded good,…

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