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Summit Entertainment Plans to Sue

Summit Entertainment, the folks behind the Twilight films, have filed a lawsuit against According to Summit, they filed the lawsuit against the site (which was registered all the way back in 1994 long before the books and movies) because they believe that it is hurting their image and confusing their customers… because apparently they…

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Summit Entertainment’s Post-‘Twilight’ Plans

Summit Entertainment is the widely known studio behind Twilight Saga flicks, and with the franchise coming to an end with the last two movies, Summit fans are wondering what they’re going to do next. More vampire films, more romances, what? Well, thanks to all of the Twilight success, Summit Entertainment is sticking to what works…

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‘Breaking Dawn’ Release Date Set

If you haven’t heard, the final book in the Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn, will be split into two movies. The first part is set to open November 18, 2011. Summit Entertainment has recently let fans know when the fifth and final movie will hit theaters – Breaking Dawn: Part 2 will be released November 16,…

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Brad Pitt Has Returned to the Vampire World

So good news vampire fans, it looks like Brad Pitt and the makers of the Twilight movies, Summit Entertainment, are in the process of making another vampire flick for us to sink our hungry fangs into. The incredible Brad Pitt is set to produce a new film called Vlad, which tells the story of the…

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