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As the Sun Rises the Dead Sleep

A vampire is known to sleep from dawn to dusk, since of course, the rays of the sun are particularly harmful to them. Truth is the idea of a vampire running to its coffin to hide from the day’s first light is something that mostly came from books and movies, it’s not a theme often…

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A New TV Show To Sink Your Fangs Into

With the vampire popularity still on the rise the people in the entertainment world are coming out with as many vampire books, movies and shows as they can for us bloodthirsty fans. If you thought True Blood and The Vampire Diaries were the only shows we were getting you were mistaken. It appears that a…

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10 Deliciously Evil Vampire Villains

Today’s post is filled with all kinds of bloodthirsty, cruel and evil vampire villains from books, films and television. Enjoy my sweets… 1. Akasha The vampire queen from The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice. What makes this vamp villainess? The fact that when she awoke not only did she destroy most of the vampires in…

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Taylor Swift In The Vampire Diaries (maybe)

Taylor Swift is a name we all know and know well. The 19 year old beauty has taken over the world of country music; not only was she the first country singer to win a MTV Video Music Award, but she was recently honored with four awards at the Country Music Awards. She hasn’t just…

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CW‘s ‘Vampire Diaries’ Is Here To Stay

Vampire Diaries fans rejoice! We’ll be getting more and more vampire-y goodness! The show’s network, The CW, has picked it up for a full season. Turns out the show scored the highest ratings for any CW premier…ever. So when you mix in the current popularity of all things vampire related with these kickass ratings how…

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Vampire Shows

With vampires being so popular lately new vampire shows are popping up like crazy. Yay! So why not make a list of vampire shows – old and new. Below is a list of shows that have vampires as part of their main storyline. Meaning my list doesn’t have shows that had maybe one or two…

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Is The Vampire Diaries’ Poison Vervain For Real?

Today’s post is brought to you by Vampire Diaries’ latest storyline. If you have been watching then you know what’s going on with Damon, Stefan and the vervain. If you are like me then you were probably thinking “is vervain actually a poison used against vampires like in the show?” Well, I did some research…

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Another Look At The Vampire Diaries

Time again to go back to the CW show The Vampire Diaries. When I wrote my first blog on the show before it aired I clearly wasn’t expecting much out of it, it sounded like a cheesy Twilight wannabe. Now that I have seen the show… I… I love it! It’s true, the show has…

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More Celebitey Gossip

It’s already that time again for celebrity gossip/news for you guys to drink down. If you missed the last report click here. ‘Vampire Diaries’ Actors Arrested: The stars of the CW new series, The Vampire Diaries, have been arrested. Nina Dobrev, Candice Accola, Sara Canning, and Kayla Ewell have been charged for disorderly conduct. Apparently…

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