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Best Books for Vampire Authors!

Welcome back to another installment of my topics for Vampire Authors, since there’s a lot of you out there! For you vampire fans, these are all books that you have probably read. If not, get cracking! They say that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, and you can certainly see plenty of imitation…

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Five Vampire Novels That Would Make Awesome Movies!

With all the terrible vampire movies that show up on DVD and Netflix year after year, don’t you wish Hollywood would try to make movies out of some good vampire novels? You know, the ones with good plots and interesting characters? Well, for what it’s worth, here’s my list of 5 novels I’d love to see adapted…

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Your Favorite Vampires in Comic Form!

Every time I visit the local bookstore I head over to the wonderfully wonderful comic book section, turn into a little kid, and get lost in the magical world of comics. While scanning the section on my last trip I was surprised by how many vampire books, movies and TV shows have been adapted into…

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The Legendary Anne Rice

One of the world’s most beloved authors, Anne Rice is known for her epic and groundbreaking novels on the supernatural. Considered one of the most influential writers of vampire fiction since Stoker, she not only entertains her readers, but she gives them a tale that they will never forget. Rich in history, philosophy and remarkable…

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University Offers Course in Vampiric Literature

Do you ever wish that your teachers would let you read Twilight instead of Hamlet, or The Vampire Lestat instead of The Crucible, or maybe even Dracula instead of The Scarlet Letter? Well, coming this fall the University of Hertfordshire will let you do just that. That’s right, this UK school is offering courses in…

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Anne Rice Leaves Christianity

Anne Rice wrote on her FaceBook page on Wednesday (July 28th) that she had decided she no longer considered herself a Christian. The writer of the classic Vampire Chronicles including Interview With the Vampire, The Vampire Lestat and Queen of the Damned had this to say: For those who care, and I understand if you…

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The Vampire Lestat Graphic Novel

Ok, practically all of us have heard of or read Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles; I mean the woman is pretty much a living legend. I bet many of our readers have every single one of Rice’s vamp books sitting on their shelves – but, do you have The Vampire Lestat graphic novel? For some reason…

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