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Five Vampire Novels That Would Make Awesome Movies!

With all the terrible vampire movies that show up on DVD and Netflix year after year, don’t you wish Hollywood would try to make movies out of some good vampire novels? You know, the ones with good plots and interesting characters? Well, for what it’s worth, here’s my list of 5 novels I’d love to see adapted…

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Major Works in Vampire Literature Published in 1800s

The most influential and most famous of all vampire novels were published during the 1800s. Highly innovative for the times and groundbreaking, these stories took readers to an entirely new world and continue to this day to be read and loved by many. The stories below gave people something new to fear, something new to…

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Vampires are Just Like Us

Earlier I traced the history of vampire metaphor from “The Vampyre” by John Polidori–which more or less created the trope of an undead nightmare stranger–to the later visions of the vampires as an incarnation of sin. This last covered a spectrum of sin as temptation (especially in the Hammer films) to a search for redemption…

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Sunlight and Vampires

Burned into the collective memory of our age, it is an image of great power. The vampire looms menacingly, but then the hero reaches up and pulls away the curtains. SUNLIGHT! Like laser beams, the purifying rays of the sun sear the undead creature’s flesh. The foul thing dissolves into the dust it should already…

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John Polidori and The Vampyre

Polidori was the friend and personal physician of the infamous rogue and poet, Lord Byron. He was also part of the close-knit circle of friends, including Mary Shelley, Percy Shelley, Byron, and Claire Clairmont, Mary’s stepsister, and also Byron’s woman of the hour. Polidori was Byron’s personal physician, and traveled with him through Europe. Though…

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