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Famous Vampire Children

Throughout most of vampire fiction there is a hard and fast rule about turning children into vampires… Don’t. Each franchise seems to have it’s own reasons for banning the creation of child vampires but almost all agree it’s a very bad idea. Some reasons for banning the creation of child vampires have included: -Vampire children…

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Murnau the Vampire

If you happen to find yourself looking for something cute with fangs to coo over, look no further than Oscar Alvarado´s ‘Murnau the Vampire‘. Named after F. W. Murnau, director of the classic silent vampire film Nosferatu, Murnau the Vampire is an animated retelling of the classic novel Dracula with a twist. The animated short…

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The Grand Guignol

Imagine yourself in a bleak, timeworn theater. Picture yourself walking down the dull dismal aisle, shadows overtaking the light, thick aged draperies hanging on the peeling cracked walls… keep walking, row after row until you get to your creaking seat. The theater is quiet enough to hear the dead, the lights dim and a chill…

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