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This one is for all of my beloved little history geeks out there, you asked for more history and folklore and I aim to please (…you now owe me Starbucks and cigars). As the title says, the topic of today’s post is demons, but instead of discussing blood-lovin’ demons I’ll be taking a different approach…

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African Vampires

Africa is a land rich in beauty and history. This gorgeous continent isn’t only home to jaw-dropping scenery and ferocious wildlife, but also to some of the most unique vampire legends out there. As I have said in the past, nearly every country, ever culture, has their own vampire myths and vampire species – Africa…

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The African Tikoloshe

A kind of psychic vampire, the tikoloshe (or tokoloshe) is a creature of the Xhosa people of Lisotho and the southernmost African plains. Like many supernatural beings in Africa, the tikoloshe is a mixture of vampire and demon, and has a strong association with witches and sorcerers. In many Xhosa legends the tikoloshe is a…

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