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Meet the 5 New Characters Coming to True Blood Season 6

True Blood will return for its sixth season this summer, and while summer is quite far away, filming has already started for True Blood. Which means we’re getting all kinds of goodies on what’s to come – like new cast members! So far True Blood has added five new characters for Season 6 and I…

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Tropes That Need to Go Away

One problem any popular genre develops tends to be tropes that pervade too much of it all. In and of themselves, maybe they work. Often they work quite well. They can, anyway. But when we see the same thing over and over and over again, we enter into the realm of the cliche. So here’s…

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True Blood Season 6 Has Begun Filming

The sixth season of True Blood has kicked off! Kristin Bauer van Straten, better known as Pam, just announced that the show’s sixth season is officially in the works. First day back shooting on #TrueBlood [tomorrow] for Season 6! Better go get bitchy and beauty sleep on,” she tweeted earlier this week (Jan. 6). Season…

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Vampire New Years Wish List 2013

We here at Vampires.Com offer details of what we hope to see regarding our favorite subject in the coming new year! In no particular order… More vampire horror! A more classical feral vampire, like  those in 30 Days of Night featuring the vampire with ferocious bloodlust. It’s not about the gore but the characterization of…

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David’s Most Sexy Vampires

“Sexy” pretty much by definition remains subjective, but that is what makes lists like this one subject to debate.  Not that we’re minding that!  In fact, we encourage it!  Please feel free to offer your own notions! To try and cover a broad range without using an untenable about a space, here are the rules…

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New Love Interest for Sookie Added to True Blood Season 6 Cast

Season 6 of HBO’s hit show True Blood won’t be here until summer 2013, but casting is already underway and we’ve got the dish! Apparently Bill, Eric and Alcide weren’t enough for Sookie Stackhouse, because according to reports, there’s a new love interest coming to Bon Temps. True Blood has tapped English actor Rob Kazinsky…

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True Blood Casts Buffy Villain as Series Regular

Season 6 of True Blood is a long long ways away, it’s not until next summer that we’ll be seeing the show again, but in spite of that, casting has already begun! Golden Globe-winning actor Rutger Hauer has been signed on to join the cast for its upcoming Alan Ball-free season! The Dutch actor’s extensive…

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What Makes a Vampire a ‘Real Vampire?’

A comment I hear on a fairly regular basis from readers here, friends, coworkers and others is that the vampires found in fiction nowadays aren’t “real vampires.” Twilight vampires aren’t real vampires, Vampire Diaries vampires aren’t real vampires, and on and on. From what I am told, most vampires in modern fiction, particularly young adult…

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Bad News for True Blood Season 6

After the Season 5 finale of True Blood, fans can’t wait for Season 6. Jason is dead set on destroying vampires. Andy’s got four half human/half faerie newborns to take care of. There’s the big bad and bloody Bill. And Warlow will be outed. So much to look forward to… and a few things that…

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True Blood Cookbook Getting Surprisingly Great Reviews

I don’t usually make note of cookbooks based on popular shows or books because, well, 9 times out of 10 they are ridiculous and not worth any kind of mention. But, the new True Blood cookbook, True Blood: Eats, Drinks, and Bites from Bon Temps, is one that has caught my eye. This book has…

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Thoughts on True Blood Season 5 Finale ‘Save Yourself’

The Season 5 finale of True Blood has come and gone, and damn was it one bloody episode. “Save Yourself” was just as action-packed and violent as fans were expecting and it definitely ended the season on a deadly note. Episode description for “Save Yourself:” “Eric embarks on a final, desperate mission to overthrow the…

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Watch Previews of True Blood Season 5 Finale ‘Save Yourself’

At long last the Season 5 finale of True Blood is here, airing this Sunday (August 26) is the episode “Save Yourself.” This week HBO has revealed an action-packed promo video of the final episode of the season and one extended preview (instead of the usual two). It looks like things are going get even…

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