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Robert Pattinson Chats about Shirtless Scenes, Vampire Contacts & More

With the upcoming release of his new film, Water for Elephants, Robert Pattinson is busy being interviewed on his new venture. He recently sat down with Entertainment Weekly to discuss the film, but of course, Twilight came up instead. Robert chatted about Breaking Dawn’s PG 13 rating, his shirtless scenes and the death of his…

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Limited Edition White Twilight Saga Books

That’s right, yet another edition of the Twilight Saga is coming out – this time the covers of the books will be white instead of black. This new “Christmas edition” will only be available for a limited time and will only be sold in the UK. The white copies of Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and…

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Twilight Books Maybe You Haven’t Read

So I figure if there’s any weekend I’m allowed to gush ad nauseam about Twilight, it’s the weekend that New Moon has been released on Blu-Ray and DVD. So, while you’re in between watching all those wicked special features, and watching Jacob profess his love to Bella over and over, you might want to also…

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