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Why all the Twilight hate?

I read a review of “Breaking Dawn Part 1” that began with the words “worst movie ever.” My reaction? Had this person never seen “Ishtar”? “Dracula 3000”? What about “Santa Claus Conquers the Martians” or virtually anything directed by Uwe Boll? Or the entire “Star Wars” prequel trilogy? The same week I went to a…

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Don’t Judge A Book By Its Fans

I’m talking about the Twilight Saga of course. There’s a whole lot of Twilight hate out there, but do these people hate the books themselves or is it the fans and all of the hype that they hate? Here’s the conversation that brought about this post, a conversation I have had countless times now. Hater:…

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Do YOU hate Twilight? Read on!

We have a lot of Twilight related posts on this site and most of them are good. But I bet some of you Twilight haters out there are feeling a little left out. Right? Well this post is for those of you that just can’t stand Twilight, can’t stand the whiny glittery vampires, the cheesy…

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