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Young Dracula

The year 2006 saw the best vampire television series so far debut for a run far, far too short. No, not “Blood Ties” wonderful as that show was. Nor was it “Ultraviolet,” another lamented program that left the airwaves too soon. “Young Dracula.” Sounds like a children’s show, doesn’t it? Well, yes and no. The…

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Famous Vampire Hunters

Vampire hunters are the focus of today’s post. Well, famous vampire hunters to be exact. Vampire Hunters have the tough task of killing the creatures that stalk the night. They don’t see them as romantic or lovable like most of us, but rather a menace to society that needs to be wiped out. This list…

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Vampire Shows

With vampires being so popular lately new vampire shows are popping up like crazy. Yay! So why not make a list of vampire shows – old and new. Below is a list of shows that have vampires as part of their main storyline. Meaning my list doesn’t have shows that had maybe one or two…

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