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The Real History Behind Hemlock Grove’s Upir

The Netflix show Hemlock Grove, based on the book of the same name, mentions a being known as the upir. But what is this creature and did the show’s writers create it? Oh no, Dear Readers, they didn’t. The upir is a vampire from European folklore, a vampire species once believed to be real. Along…

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The House of Erebus

There are countless vampire movies out right now and even more coming, but even so we can’t forget about the greats from a few years ago, like Blade. The Blade trilogy was (and still is) badass, so today we’re giving it some love. One of my favorite things from the Blade flicks was the Vampire…

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The Blood Lovin’ Upior

Time for another different flavor of vampire, this time the Slavic Upior. The Upior or Upier is an eastern Slavic name for “vampire” used the most in Poland and also believed by some to be where the word “vampire” actually originated from. The Upior is a bit different than the majority of the Eastern European…

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