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Vampire Books Coming July 2013

It’s my birthday month (coughgiftcardscough)! Yes, it’s July, Dear Readers, and it’s time to take a lil’ peek at all of the vampire books coming out this month. There are a few rad books hitting shelves this July, so have a look and then buy them all! All the books! Or, you know, a few….

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Robert Pattinson Discussing the Finer Details of Bella’s Barf-Worthy Birthing

I’m a fan of Twilight, the series, and the films. But even I, the big fan, almost closed the book when I read how Bella ended up giving birth. OMG, EW. For those of you who don’t really follow the whole Twilight thing, –watch the movies or read the books, –well. Bella gets knocked up…

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