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10 Best Vampire Victims in Film

A superhero is nothing without an archnemesis.  Likewise each detective needs a crime.  For vampires, they remain pale-faced immortals without someone upon whom they feed–the Victim!  Behold a list of ten exemplary victims in vampire films.  Keep in mind the criteria here involves much more than a good bite.  That’d be a different list.  Here…

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Joe Mangianello, Renesmee’s Actress, VD Fan Party, in this Week’s Vampire Bites

The actor portraying Alcide Herveaux on True Blood, is getting married, finally, to his fiancee Audra Marie, an actress and model. On top of that great news, he’s also planning to invite the entire cast of True Blood to his wedding. I wonder what their favors will be; I’m  guessing, little Sookie dolls, or maybe,…

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An Interesting Theory on Where the Blood Goes

We all know that when a vampire bites a victim, the venom or blood (depending the theory, etc. etc.) from the vampire enters the human’s bloodstream and either poisons them until they die or until it has transformed their bloodstream and body so that they too, are now vampire. But, where does the blood go…

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10 Reasons It Sucks Having A Vampire Boyfriend

Having your very own dark and sexy vampire boyfriend would of course totally rock all sorts of awesome. But like most good things there are a few downsides to it as well. Why would it suck having a vampire as a boyfriend? Read on… 1. Vampire bite marks on your neck are way harder to…

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So Many Veins to Choose From…

Of course when we think of vampire bites, we often think of people having two holes spaced a bit apart, on one side of their neck. But what many don’t consider is that the neck has a lot of veins. So, where is the perfect spot for that perfect bite? The external carotid artery is…

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