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Zenoscope Comics Releasing an All New Vampire Series!

Awesome news for my fellow comic book junkies! Zenoscope Comics is having a huge comic book event, titled Unleased, which involves the release of multiple new horror comic series, including a vampire series titled The Eternal! Check out the details on Unleashed below. From the Zenoscope website: “Zenescope Entertainment has announced plans for a major…

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Review of Blood Hunter #1

Thanks to that awesome vampire section on Comixology I discovered yet another fangtastic vampire comic – Blood Hunter written and illustrated by Loren Meyer. I checked out the first issue of this dark and twisted vampire comic and it’s definitely a different kind of undead tale. “In a world ruled by vampires, the life of…

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Your Favorite Vampires in Comic Form!

Every time I visit the local bookstore I head over to the wonderfully wonderful comic book section, turn into a little kid, and get lost in the magical world of comics. While scanning the section on my last trip I was surprised by how many vampire books, movies and TV shows have been adapted into…

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Dark Shadows Returns: The Comic Book

Now that the gothic soap opera “Dark Shadows” is headed once more to the big screen (care of Tim Burton and Johnny Depp), the saga of reluctant vampire Barnabas Collins also is returning to another medium–the comic book! During the show’s hey-day, Dell Comics released a series of adventures featuring the haunted mansion atop Widow’s…

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