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New York Comic Con Packed Full of Vamptastic Panels and People

Coming October 11th through the 14th to Javits Center in Midtown Manhattan is New York Comic Con! Woo! This convention will be packed full of vampire goodies! You have the legendary Anne Rice, cast members from Buffy, panels discussing vampires, vampire authors, vampire comic books and SO much more coming to NYCC this year! It’s…

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Vampire-Con Film Festival is Back!

That’s right movie lovers, Vampire-Con Film Festival is returning for the third year! The film fest will take place at The New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles and is running for two nights. Two nights of classic fangtastic vampire flicks! Woo! Originally created to include ALL fans of vampires, Vampire-Con continues its tradition of showcasing…

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Vampire Craze Used To Get Donations

Without a doubt vampires are absolutely huge right now. Everything from books to movies and television is getting bled dry, feeding the hungry fan boys and girls. But this craze doesn’t just have to be used by Hollywood to make some cash, it can also be used for good, which is what the American Red…

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