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Antique Vampire Killing Kits a Huge Scam?

It seems every year, a 19th century vampire killing kit gets sold at auctions for thousands of dollars. But don’t be fooled; this trade must stop. If you’re thinking of buying, or have bought a purportedly “antique” vampire killing kit, even from a renowned dealer or auction house, chances are, you’ve been ripped off. The…

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Review of The Vampire Combat Manual by Roger Ma

Here at we don’t want to harm our beloved creatures of the night, but, let’s say that you do, that you want to keep yourself safe in case the undead take over, then I’ve got the book for you – The Vampire Combat Manual: A Guide to Fighting the Bloodthirsty Undead by Roger Ma….

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A Vampire Hunter’s Special Arsenal

Let’s say that you aren’t here because you love vampires, but because you hate them and you’re looking for info on the enemy. I already covered Vampire Hunting 101, but it’s time to take it to the next level. This is a post about weapons, but instead of going to the same old wooden stakes…

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Nature Against Vampires

Do you have roses in your garden? If you do it’s most likely because they look pretty and smell fantastic. And do you have any trees in your yard? Chances are they were put there for privacy and to make your yard look nicer. The same goes for those other flowers, shrubs, and bushes surrounding…

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Destruction: Hawthorn

This is a post for all of you would-be vampire hunters – you know who you are. We have mentioned in past posts the various means of destroying a vampire, and today I am going to go a little more in depth with one method – staking a vampire with a stake made of hawthorn….

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Vampire Prevention 101

This one’s for the vampire hunters out there. Let’s say you have a massive vampire pandemic on your hands, those leeches have taken over your territory and they wont be leaving anytime soon. To make matters worse every time you slay one they just make two more to replace it. Eventually the humans you swore…

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Famous Vampire Hunters

Vampire hunters are the focus of today’s post. Well, famous vampire hunters to be exact. Vampire Hunters have the tough task of killing the creatures that stalk the night. They don’t see them as romantic or lovable like most of us, but rather a menace to society that needs to be wiped out. This list…

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Vampire Hunting 101

Come in, sit down and shut up. Today we discuss the serious matter of vampire slaying. What you, as a future Slayer need to have, what you need to do and what you need to know. So listen and listen well, don’t miss even the most minuscule of details because it could cost you your…

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