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Seven of the Most Twisted Vampire Murderers

These vampire killers will haunt your dreams. Most people think of vampires as being romantic: dark, strange men that live hundreds of years, have plenty of cash, and drive around in shiny foreign cars looking for misunderstood emo chicks to fall in love with. What if vampires were… well. More like these guys? Couples from…

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Hello Darkness: New Vampire Romance Movie!

‘Hello Darkness’ reminds me of old music… you know the song, “Hello darkness, my old friend”? Old folky hippy music from the days of yesteryear, but the movie is actually pretty decent sounding, unlike… old hippy folk music from the days of yesteryear. Except, well, the vampire in this movie was turned during the “angry,…

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Vampire Crimes on the Rise… and guess who’s getting blamed

You know how crimes caused by teens are so often idiotically blamed on video games? Well thanks to the vampire craze, parents and law officials are now blaming many teenage crimes on shows like “True Blood” and books like “Twilight.”  Unfortunately, this is not a joke, but a very sad truth. According to Don Rimer,…

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Vampire Serial Killer Martin Dumollard

Newspapers and history books alike are full of stories about sadistic and psychotic serial killers, but they’re not alone, for vampire books have these stories as well. We have already written about some of these disturbing individuals here, but I have yet another to add to the shocking list – Martin Dummolard. Martin Dummolard was…

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The Castlevania franchise is one of the best known and most beloved of all video game franchises. IGN even named the series the fourth best game franchise ever (behind Final Fantasy, The Legend of Zelda and Mario). The series is about a war between the enchanted family bloodline of the Belmonts and Dracula. Nearly every…

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