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Vampire Books Coming Out in September

September is here, the start of the wonderful autumn season. I know it’s early, but I’m already looking forward to the changing leaves, and October just around the corner with pumpkins and Halloween and horror movies. Along with the hint of autumn, September is bringing us some wonderful new vampire books too! Dead of Night:…

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Interview with the Vampyre

Father Sebastiaan is considered by many to be the head of the international Vampyre community. He seems to be found all over the globe, yet somehow remains an elusive character. Who is he behind the rockstar persona he projects? Considering that he is impresario for the Endless Night Vampire Ball (New Orleans, New York, Paris,…

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CSI: NY Joins the Vampire Craze

As we all know vampires are huge everywhere – we see them in books, movies, television and more. They are so big in fact that they seem to have caught the eye of the CSI: NY writers, who wrote an episode about the sanguinarian vampire lifestyle which will air February 3 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT). “The…

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Vampire Fang Implants

Today’s post is about fang implants, not those plastic fangs you pop into your mouth during Halloween, but actual permanent fangs put in by a dentist. Most people that dish out the cash for this incredibly expensive procedure don’t do it to be cool (most, not all). It’s usually a real vampire, like a Sanguinarian…

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Exclusive Interview with Participants of the Global Vampire Community Discussion

A while back, I was talking about the Global Vampire Community Discussion, and how important it is for members of the vampire subculture to get together, discuss real issues, and maybe promote more progress, with other members who might be a little behind on the times. It’s easy for a subculture to branch off and…

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