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How to Look Like a Vampire (Vampire Make-up tips)

Doing a vampire make-up could either be a five minute job or a more involved procedure depending on your choice of look. Some vampires look entirely human, some just have incisors and fangs to give them away, and some convert into the undead creatures of the night, with glowing eyes. The first thing to decide…

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Expert Tips on the Perfect Vampire Costume

Halloween is quickly approaching and vampire costumes are one of the most popular costumes out there (yay vampires!). But why spend a fortune on that thick Halloween makeup kit when you can use items you already have at home? Professional makeup designer Amanda French, with Pioneer Theatre Company, has been creating the perfect vampire look…

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Not the Same Old “Red Lips, White Face” Vampire Makeup

With the New Moon movie just on the horizon, the third movie in the series being filmed, and so much more Cullen fun to look forward to, the vampire look is going to be bigger this Halloween than ever before. Chances are, that if you’re planning on dressing up as one of your favorite characters,…

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