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9 Best Vampire Movies on Netflix

Some of us are old enough to remember Blockbuster and VHS tapes, but those days (and nights) are no more. In the spirit of such, we gladly present one list of the 9 Best Vampire Movies on Netflix! 1. What We Do In Shadows (2014) a New Zealand mockumentary/reality show about a bunch of vampires…

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Are You Willing to Fund a “Shadow of the Vampire: Nosferatu” Remake?

There’s a Nosferatu remake planned. Or, there will be if you’re prepared to fund David Fisher’s Kickstarter project, “Nosferatu — The Feature Film Remix.” Okay so, I get the main feeling of this article, and that’s probably, –“don’t touch the treasure that is Max Schreck’s Nosferatu, it’s brilliant!” But hear me out: “Revisioning” this film…

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New Vampire Movie: What We Do In The Shadows

“A mockumentary about vampires living in New Zealand, written, directed and starring Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi? Yes please!” The author describes the film throughout as being completely hilarious, and honestly… I’m getting excited about seeing it now. This might even be one of the few films I’m willing to review. Especially if it’s funny…

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The World’s First Female Iranian Vampire in “A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night”

“A vampire is delicious,” said writer-director Ana Lily Amirpour, whose debut feature, “A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night,” introduces the first Iranian female vampire. This is pretty exciting, when you consider not only the political and cultural dimensions, but artistically, there aren’t many Iranian horror films, and generally, Iranian women aren’t exactly among the…

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Kuntilanak (2006) – Ridiculously Scary Indonesian Vampire Movie

“[Translated] Kuntilanak revolves around Samantha who inadvertently turned out to have the ability to call kuntilanak talent by singing ‘durmo’ sacred.” This trailer actually makes the movie look pretty damn scary. Maybe some of you will thing that makes me pitiful, but hey… it’s Asian horror. Which scares everyone. So boo. Anyway, for some reference information,…

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The Most-Loved Vampires in Movies

The Most-Loved Vampires in Movies Vampires have existed, it seems, since time immemorial. As can be expected from folklore, myth, and generally not accepted as “real” creatures, there are many references to vampires, and they do not all necessary present the same details. According to the web site, Vampires Among Us, the origins of vampires…

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Most Disappointing Vampire Flicks

Most folks agree the first vampire movie was almost certainly F.W.Murnau’s Nosferatu in 1922 (an earlier, extremely loose adaptation of Dracula is now lost). Over nine decades of the undead on film, with more than a few genuine classics along the way. But let us turn to something other than the greats. Not to the…

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Tropes That Need to Go Away

One problem any popular genre develops tends to be tropes that pervade too much of it all. In and of themselves, maybe they work. Often they work quite well. They can, anyway. But when we see the same thing over and over and over again, we enter into the realm of the cliche. So here’s…

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Vampire Might Have Beens

Many a fan of the undead may well agree with Anne Rice that we live “in the golden age of vampire fiction.”  But don’t we all forever wish more classic vampire films had been made?  And as long as we’re wishing, how about some thinking about which stars of yesteryear might have been perfectly cast…

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Hammer Comes to YouTube!

Starting with Let Me In (2012) and then The Woman in Black (2012), Hammer Studios is on the comeback trail, much to the pleasure of horror (and vampire) fans everywhere!  Now the iconic film studio has its very own YouTube channel.  Not one run by fans, but by the studio itself! One of the initial…

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Johnny Depp Isn’t a Fan of Our Beloved Modern Day Vampire Movies

The gorgeous and talented Johnny Depp shared that he feels the portrayal of vampires on screen in recent years has changed drastically from the golden era of the 1940s and 1950s, which was one of the reasons he was thrilled to go for a classic look for his vampire character in ‘Dark Shadows.’ Depp recently…

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Most-Anticipated Vampire Movies of 2012

We’ve got quite a few vampire films coming out this 2012, some of them are small indie films, but a surprising amount are huge, long-awaited, blockbusters. Here’s a look at the big vampire films fans can’t wait to see this year. UNDERWORLD: AWAKENING At long last Kate Beckinsale is returning for the fourth installment of…

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