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Supernatural Powers and Abilities

While reading one of my awesomely magical books I came across a list of supernatural powers and abilities, a very long list. As I scanned through them I couldn’t help but notice that many of the powers listed were powers that quite a few vampires in fiction have, but better yet, there was a whole…

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If I Were A Vampire…

When I was 14, reading Anne Rice for the first time, I constantly daydreamed about becoming a vampire and all the adventures I would have. But the years passed, I moved out of the parent’s house, grew up, and now instead of thinking of a life as a vampire, I think about bills, work, and…

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Vampires and Animals

Believe it or not animals and vampires have a big part in vampire folklore. Sometimes it’s simply the malevolent vampire controlling the animal, making it carry out his evil deeds, or it’s the animal itself that is the bloodsucker. According to the vampire-crazed gypsies in Yugoslavia damn near anyone or anything can become a creature…

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9 Reasons Why Vampires Could Totally Win a Fight Against Werewolves

1. No one can ever agree on vampire powers, so a werewolf would be entering into a one hell of a gamble if he ever picked a fight with a vampire. It could do anything; transform into a tiger, or spew acid from its eye sockets.  So the first reason is: uncertainty! 2. Werewolves are…

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Vampire Powers

There is more to being a vampire than just blood drinking you know. There is power, lots of it depending on what species of vampire you are. Since there are so many vampire myths and so many legends throughout the world there is a long list of what a vampire can do, what powers it…

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