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Young Adult Romance Novels For Love-Struck Vampire Fans

Vampire romance is in the air due to the recent release of the latest Twilight film, and that means we’ve got loads of love-hungry vampire fans looking for passionate stories to fall deeply into. Now, you could read Twilight for the hundredth time, or you can check out one of the young adult books listed…

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Romance Books Coming October 2010

It’s ok, you can admit it – you love vampire romance novels. You love the naughty sex scenes full of “throbbing members,” pale chests and blood loss. It’s cool, everyone has their guilty pleasure. So this one is for you, a list of October’s vampire romance novels. The Cowboy and the Vampire: A Darkly Romantic…

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Amish Vampire Romance… Sounds Like a Hit!

William M. Briggs, author of  ‘Breaking the Law of Averages: Real-Life Probability and Statistics in Plain English’ and ‘So, You Think You’re Psychic?’ has wondered about the new vampire sub-genres that might be emerging any time soon, with so much attention on vampires lately. Not as much as we have, perhaps, but he’s put a…

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