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Mutilated ‘Vampire’ Skeleton Discovered in the UK

A discovery of a skeleton early this month, dating from 550-700 AD, with metal spikes through its shoulders, heart and ankles has revealed information of one of the few ‘vampire’ burials in Britain. These skeletons are fairly common in the rest of Europe, but quite rare in the UK. The skeleton was found buried in…

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Archaeologists Discover Vampire Skeletons in Bulgaria

At one point in history the belief in vampires was very much real and alive. People lived in great fear of the undead and precautions were taken to prevent a corpse from returning as a vampire. Common methods throughout Europe included staking the corpse with a certain type of metal or wood, placing a fish…

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Archeologists Discover Vampire Skeletons in Ireland

Hundreds of years ago when the fear of vampire was very real, a common belief in many countries was that vampires not only fed on blood, but that they also spread the plague. At the time villagers took an assortment of precautions to keep vampires from terrorizing them, everything from putting a brick in a…

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