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Paul Barber’s Theory on the Existance of Vampires

There was once a time in history when nearly everyone believed in the existence of vampires. Virtually every country and every culture has their own vampire myths and legends. You can find vampire folklore throughout the world. But there is more than just folklore, hundreds of years ago there were countless cases of real vampirism…

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Tuberculosis Responsible for Vampirism?

Hundreds of years ago, before there were scientific explanations for every day occurrences (like diseases) people would explain them with superstitions and magic. If you sneezed, it was because you were possessed, if you were too hairy it was because you were a werewolf, if your young children were naughty it was because of the…

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Sweetblood is a fantastic young adult vampire book. I read it when I was a teenager, and felt really connected to the main character, Lucy Szabo. She’s a girl who feels like she is different from others, and thinks that no one can really understand her. Unique, right? But in that common experience, this book…

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Dr. David Dolphin’s Vampire Theory

Ever wonder how vampire legends were born, or why vampire hysteria in the Middle Ages reached the level it did? Well you aren’t alone; those questions also crossed the mind of Dr. David Dolphin, who was a chemistry professor at the University of British Columbia. In 1985 Dr. Dolphin presented a theory that the victims…

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How Was The Vampire Legend Born?

Ages ago, mass vampire hysteria was common throughout Europe. The people were plagued by vampirism, countless were affected by the malady and with every case of vampirism grew the myth and legend that we know now. Back then demons, spirits and magic ruled above science and logic, what they felt was caused by wicked spirits…

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Astral Vampires

There are many species of vampires out there, countless myths from country to country. There are also many theories and explanations as to what a vampire is or why a certain event has happened. Astral vampires are one of many theories. We’ll start off explaining the astral body. An astral body is the name given…

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