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Are These the Top 5 Vampire Anime Movies?

There are countless vampire movies out there, movies that come in every shape, form and gore-level – you’ve got romantic vampire films, horror movies, cartoons, comedies, thrillers, porn – yeah, you get the point, there are a whole lot of vampire movies. But one genre that doesn’t get nearly enough love is anime, which is…

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‘Vampire Wars’ Review

Vampire Wars, also known as Bloodsuckers, is yet another B-grade vampire flick, but this one has a twist – the vampires are in space. Oooh yea, all of that cringe-worthy bad acting, over the top gore and cliché lines takes place in outer space. The year is 2210 and the universe is overrun with hundreds…

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Your Invitation to the Newest Vampire MMORPG: City of Eternals

City of Eternals is big news if you’re into vampire browser games. I admit to being hopelessly addicted to games like Bloodlines, by Playdom, or Vampire Wars, by Zynga, –both available on Myspace. The problem with these games is the time it takes to play them, and the limited interaction that would be quick to…

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Vampire Wars

Vampire Wars on Facebook is a fun game where blood-thirsty friends can meet, attack, build up minions and strengths, and socialize with your clan. It’s a fun game that has great graphics, fun multiplayer aspects, and  a great story! The first time you play Vampire Wars you are asked to design your own vampire. This…

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