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What Are Your Sources?!

I absolutely love writing about all things pertaining to vampires, but my favorite posts to write are the ones on vampire folklore and history, which means I have written A LOT of folklore articles. One question I get asked on a regular basis is “What are your sources?!” That question comes from either the curious…

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Christianity and Vampires

The history of vampires has always fascinated me, every time period viewed them in an entirely different way. In older times, organized religion drastically changed how the undead were seen by the people, this is something I have read countless times in a handful of books, but I recently read a different take on Christianity…

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Vampires: A Field Guide To The Creatures That Stalk The Night Review

“Vampire! The very word conjures up visions of ruined castles, of enigmatic, pale skinned nobleman shrouded in dark cloaks, of slumbering beauties being bloodily ravished by supernatural, nocturnal creatures. But just how accurate is that picture? Today , people’s perceptions of vampires have been shaped by programs, movies and books such as Buffy The Vampire…

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